Sustainability: A Journey

With more time on my hands during the pandemic, I’ve been trying to incorporate more sustainable habits into my daily life (note: these are mostly baby steps). This post serves as an accountability measure to track my progress, and hopefully will also give some ideas.

Ways I’m currently sustainable:

  • I eat a lot of homegrown or picked-from-the-wild produce. This summer’s list consists of: zucchinis, potatoes, green beans, green onions, apples, figs, blackberries, and more.
  • I’ve stopped eating red meat (both for environmental and health reasons).
  • I purchased a reusable silicone straw.
  • I use a reusable water bottle instead of plastic bottles.
  • I walk a lot to nearby stores (basically anywhere in a 2-mile radius).
  • I reuse magazines and turn them into stickers.
  • I keep a collection of scrap paper from old school assignments that I can use to doodle on, do math, and other miscellaneous things.
  • I bring a reusable bag to stores.
  • I recently got a free kitchen compost bin from my city’s waste services.
  • Recycling, obviously.

Sustainability Goals:

  • Purchase less fast fashion by only thrifting or investing in high-quality clothing.
  • Stop buying notebooks and purchase less stationery.
  • Stop using plastic wrap when storing food (opt for glass containers).
  • Purchase less products with single-use plastic packaging.
  • Donate old technology devices.
  • Use rags instead of paper towels.
  • Reuse peanut butter jars.
  • Look into sustainable menstrual products.
  • Drink more plant-based milk and yogurt.

If I could purchase my own groceries and had financial independence, sustainability would be much easier. Unfortunately, I’m stuck at home this year. However, these are all goals that I can realistically pursue, and I think everyone should create their own sustainability goals to follow!

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