August: Scrapbooking Life

A year ago I started the 52 weeks of Self Discovery journaling prompts. Last week, I finished my last entry, exactly one year after my start date. I’ve changed in some ways, but mostly stayed the same. No longer overcompetitive, but still disciplined; not so hung up on high school regrets, still can’t stand it when other people don’t pull their weight on team projects.

I’m trying to record more of my life:

  • What happened: daily Homework For Life and journaling sessions
  • What I think: rants or responses to prompts in my journal, reflection questions on my Notion page, and monthly blog posts
  • What I consume: food and product ratings in my journal, a meticulous Goodreads, meal pictures on my phone, and a Notion media consumption database
  • What I buy: taped receipts in my journal and a Notion expense tracker
  • What I cook: recipe ideas on my Notion
  • How I move: the runkeeper app and my Mi Fit band.

Some of this is public; most stays visible only to me. It is a way for me to revisit a past self, to track my idiosyncrasies and habits. Think of it like lifelong qualitative data gathering: I did X and Y is what happened. What parts of my life are governed by a set of rules? What resembles a random scatterplot? Most importantly, what stories can I share and connect with others over?

Monthly Favorites

  • Book: The Face: A Time Code by Ruth Ozeki — A revelatory short memoir from the bestselling author of A Tale for the Time Being and Zen Buddhist priest Ruth Ozeki about how her face has shaped and been shaped by her life.
  • Food: The joint Just Poke x Verve Bowls in Issaquah, Washington is heaven on Earth.
  • Purchase: a Columbia fanny pack for 50% off
  • Memories:
Climbing over a fence at 10pm to play spike ball in a construction zone
Picking several pounds of free blueberries and blackberries
Getting my own hotel room with a king size bed in Portland

💫 Recent Life Updates

  • I’m staying in a mediocre hotel run by my university for the school year…not. fun. Lesson learned: Don’t miss the housing selection process.
  • Got back into outdoor running and recently ran six miles, which broke my body lol.
  • With only two weeks until I leave for school and the recent spike in COVID cases (especially among people I know), I won’t be hanging out with friends that much for the rest of break. Frequent socializing in June and July was fun, but thankfully I’m also comfortable with spending time alone.
  • I got chosen as a beta tester for a new Tumblr feature, which was bizarre. Got some backlash, lost some followers. But hey, at least I got a $50 gift card?

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